Why is co-marketing beneficial?

The marketing landscape is complicated and it can be hard to get ahead. Teaming up with brands who share your target audience, goals or causes can be a good way to share the load, both in terms of cost and effort.

Not only will you get access to new customers, new audiences and new perspectives, but you’ll also be able to have refreshing insight into how other brands facing the same challenges are succeeding.

What should I consider when choosing a brand to partner with?

Choosing a partner requires a goldilocks approach - not too similar, not too different, just right. Think about the audiences you target, the vertical where you fit, the channels you use and where your marketing strategies are strongest.

Then, think about the opposite. Think about which audience you don’t currently target, but would like to, the verticals you don’t want to partner with, and where your marketing strategies could use a boost. Identify partners who fill in the areas where you need help and for whom you can provide a boost in the areas where you have strengths. 

How do I know if my co-marketing campaigns are working?

The co-marketing methods you choose will determine which metrics you pay most attention to.

Generally, co-marketing campaigns tend to be more brand awareness focused which means that you’ll want to look at metrics like new site visitors, new social media followers, new email subscribers, etc.

What happens once I have claimed my profile?

Once you’ve claimed your profile, you’ll receive an email from a member of your team with suggested matches and next steps. From there, you can reach out to those matches to start up a partnership.

In addition, your profile will now be listed with your logo and preferences for potential brand matches who are browsing the directory.

How will I know when someone requests a match with me?

Your matches will contact you via the contact information you listed in your claimed profile.

Be sure to watch out for emails from potential matches.

What happens when I request a match with someone?

When you request a match with someone, you will contact them via their listed contact information.

It is then up to you and your potential partner to work out the details of your partnership including methods, timing, etc.