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Target Audience:

The Cant Drinker: Circumstances prevent people from having alcohol, making Seedlip the perfect alternative.
The Doesn't Drinker: For health reasons or by choice, some people don’t consume alcohol, making Seedlip the perfect all-natural alternative.
The Balanced Drinker: Moderation allows people to have a good time anytime, making Seedlip the perfect swap option.

Cosmopolitan Women, Adults 30 –50, Health and Wellness minded, Cocktail Enthusiasts, College educated, HHI 75E+

Our target increasingly shares similar values and outlooks on the brands and consumption decisions they bring in to their world. They value continual personal growth, appreciate balance, inclusivity, and seek out new things to discover.  No matter their age, these drinkers are determined to be adults – to live a life of maturity, growth and stability.  They value quality over quantity. Quality is more about the intrinsic value: understatement, thought, discovery, craft, and sophistication. They don’t take themselves seriously, but they do take their health and personal goals very seriously. They seek personal, playful, unexpected, intimate and meaningful experiences

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We are looking to partner with other like minded brands who are seeking to change the way that people think about health, wellness, mindfulness, and moderation.

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